Plex Media Player

Plex Media Player

Enjoy the multimedia contents stored on your Plex Media Server by using this straightforward and user-friendly desktop application

There are a lot of people who rely on Plex Media Server to backup their movies and access them with ease from a remote location, be it a browser or a compatible device.

Plex Media Player is a desktop utility meant to offer them an easier way to enjoy their data without needing to rely on a browser.

Connect your Plex account
To benefit from the functions of this application, you first need to login to your Plex account and link the current device with your account. Next, you can explore all the available folders and their multimedia contents without too much hassle.

The interface is very similar to the one of Plex Home Theater, so the learning curve should not be too steep if you are already familiar with this tool.

Browse and enjoy your Plex contents
Plex Media Player makes it for you to browse the recently released or added movies, as well as the ones that you have already begun watching earlier.

When selecting a single entry, you can analyze its title, length and release date, along with a description. Channels and series are also supported, meaning you can make the most of this software solution no matter the contents you are interested in.

Customize settings as you like
In terms of configuration, Plex Media Player provides you with a flurry of settings that can be altered as you see fit. For instance, you can change the background style or enable the automatic login, as well as choose the audio channel you prefer.

All in all, this application is the go-to app for watching movies and listening to soundtracks stored on your Plex account. Since it does not require any expert skills, it can be used even by novices without any difficulty.

What's new in Plex Media Player
fixed user icon in settings modal displaying square instead of round initially"

Plex Playback Plex Client Plex Player Plex Playback Player Playlist

Program Information
 Developer: Plex, Inc
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 16, 2019 FREEWARE
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K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 14.9.0

K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 14.9.0

Everything needed to play online and offline computer media packed in a friendly pack featuring a smart installer to deploy exactly what you want to your system

K-Lite Codec Pack Mega is an excellent tool that can bring to one's computer everything they need for playing both online and offline multimedia content. In other words, watching videos and movies on the computer has never been easier, as this new pack includes almost everything a user would ever need.

Thorough step-by-step setup process
Besides the fact that it comes with Quicktime and RealPlayer codecs, the package also includes Media Player Classic, a great application that can open almost any video format out there with the help of the right codecs.

Installing K-Lite Codec Pack Mega can be a bit difficult for beginners, since all the formats types and names might not seem familiar, but the default settings are enough for those who are just planning to play videos without further customization.

In-depth configuration options available
Furthermore, if one chooses to install Media Player Classic as well, they get the possibility to configure the file associations for both video and audio content.

Considering it is a powerful and advanced tool, less experienced users might have a hard time trying to set up K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, especially when thinking that the package does not include a Help file or detailed descriptions of the built-in utilities.

What sets it apart from other codec packages that simply deploy their content is that it gives users the possibility to fully configure functionality settings for installed components. A codec tweak tool brings up a simple interface, equipped with adjustment categories such as codec and filter management, general and a few others.

To sum it up
All in all, K-Lite Codec Pack Mega is one of the most complex codec packages out there, but the most impressive thing is that it really works seamlessly. Beginners and power users alike can use K-Lite Codec Pack Mega with ease.

What's new in K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 14.9.0:
Updated MPC-HC to version
Updated LAV Filters to version 0.74.1-10-gc931a

Codec pack Audio codec Video codec Codec Decode Audio Video

Program Information
 Developer: Codec Guide
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 16, 2019 FREEWARE
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Network Monitor

Network Monitor

An application designed to provide users with network monitoring capabilities from a single, comprehensive graphical user interface

Network Monitor is a detailed and powerful network activity monitor that features real-time tracking and allows users to save log files. The program can capture and record all the data that the host computer transfers over IP connections.

The software allows monitoring data traffic and is highly valuable for network administrators
The application is useful for anyone who is in the business of monitoring a network. System administrators will find it a particularly valuable resource, as will anyone who is interested in thoroughly monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic.

As with most powerful programs, users might struggle at start to understand the basic functions. The software features all the three interface main navigation options (menus, tabs and buttons), and one might even say that all these items are plentiful to the point of dazzling first-time users.

One can keep track of all network activity, regardless of the devices involved

However, the initial setback is quickly overcome, as users quickly discover that the myriad buttons are just quick-links for simple program functions, such as packet navigation and line drawing.

Once started, Network Monitor automatically loads all relevant devices. Users can then select which items to monitor for traffic. One of the great features is that users are free to add more than one source, effectively batch monitoring several resources at any one time.

Analyses can produce very detailed statistics, updated in real time
There are multiple methods of viewing the actual network activity, including via statistics regarding device throughput. These are updated in real time and are a very powerful method of generating very intuitive and informative charts.

All things considered, Network Monitor is a very effective network activity monitor that can be employed in order to generate highly accurate traffic analyses.

What's new in Network Monitor
Several reported bugs fixed:
This release fixes a number of reported and internally discovered bugs.

Network monitor Traffic analyzer Traffic viewer Network Monitor Traffic Analyze

Program Information
 Developer: HHD Software
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 15th, 2019 TRIAL
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CodedColor PhotoStudio

CodedColor PhotoStudio

A fully-featured application that enables you to open, view and edit image files in a variety of formats, as well as export them under various file extensions

CodedColor PhotoStudio is a program that you can use to view and edit images, as well as create archives. It supports several file types, including PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF and TIF.

Thanks to the Explorer-based layout, users can easily locate and select photographs for processing. So, you can check out the name, type, size, date, colors, pixels and resolution for each item.

In editing mode you can make use of some basic image processing tools. For example, you can crop, resize and rotate pictures, zoom in and out, view a histogram, as well as make adjustments (e.g. exposure, coloring, sharpness, curves, noise).

In addition, you can create a slideshow, album or catalog, edit annotations, convert or rename files in batch mode, create a panorama or photobook, burn pictures to a CD or DVD, restore creation file dates, as well as capture the screen and compress pictures, just to name a few.

From the 'Options' screen you can make the app remember the last folder and to automatically run at system startup, as well as set the transition types for the slideshow (e.g. fade, wipe). User documentation can be found in the 'Help' menu.

The image processing program has a good response time, supports keyboard shortcuts and uses a moderate-to-high amount of system resources. It did not freeze, crash or pop up errors throughout our testing. However, CodedColor PhotoStudio needs some improvements in the interface department, in order to improve the user's navigation experience.

Photo Organizer Image Editor Photo Album Album Catalog Viewer Editor

Program Information
 Developer: 1STEIN GmbH
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 15th, 2019 DEMO
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AutoUP 2.3.1

AutoUP 2.3.1

Fast and easy tool to automatically update the software you have installed on your PC

AutoUP is a tiny but very handy tool that will scan the software that you have installed, check for available updates and download them if necessary. It is a truly great solution that you will surely like.

AutoUP will not only enable you to quickly update the software that is already installed on your computer, but it will also help you download a lot of new programs. It embeds a comprehensive list of frequently used application, that you can easily copy to your computer with just one single click of the mouse button.

Another great thing about AutoUP is the fact that it is also capable of displaying a lot of

important information about your system such as your computer name, your

operating system, the number of bits that it runs on (32 or 64), the service pack that you

have installed, the resolution and the refresh rate of your screen, your hardware components, the status of your internet connection or the number of running processes.

All in all, AutoUP is a useful, effective and dependable tool that will help you to effortlessly and conveniently update the programs that you have installed on your computer. In addition, AutoUP is very easy to use and features a friendly UI.

System requirements
Internet Connection
What's new in AutoUP 2.3.1:
You can now also Add/Delete HKLM Keys in Startup Tab
Improved scan method
Some changes and adds made
Few changes in French language were made

Provide update Add update Update tool Update Upgrade Updater Upgrader

Program Information
 Developer: hq
Price and Added Date
Updated: June 29th, 2012 FREEWARE
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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

A fully-featured graphic editor that comes packed different drawing tools for helping you create high-quality web graphics items and illustrations

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is a professional software application designed to help users create web graphics (e.g. buttons and Flash animations) and illustrations, as well as draw different logos, invitations, posters, or brochures.

Although it comes bundled with many dedicated parameters, it sports a clean and straightforward layout that offers quick access to a set of well-organized functions.

The program works with a wide range of file formats, namely BMP, EPS, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, CDR, AI, MXB, and others.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer gives you the possibility to drag and drop the images directly into the primary panel or create photo galleries with images to be processed.

What’s more, you are allowed to choose between different templates, undo or redo your actions, work with multiple layers, perform basic editing operations (cut, copy, paste), bring objects to the front or send them to the back, as well as zoom in out.

The program comprises several tools developed to help you draw shapes, straight lines, arrows, and freehand objects. Plus, you are allowed to set up the attribute parameters for each object, namely color, size, line width, and filling color.

Other important features worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to embed text messages, insert rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles and ellipses, arrange objects by choosing their stacking position, and recolor designs by simply dragging and dropping a color scheme on the desired area.

You can also crop photos, remove red-eye effects, enable the auto-correction mode, resize pictures, group objects for performing batch operations with them (e.g. rotate, resize), duplicate items, and create buttons, banners, and other web graphics.

The program lets you join or split lines, use brushes, stretch and skew objects, make objects transparent, embed 3D text messages, and create animations which can be exported to AVI file format.

Last but not least, you can save the generated project to JPG, PDF, PNG, HTML, PCX, RAS, TGA, WEB, TGA, PSD, SWF, or other file formats, preview the web documents and Flash items, print the photos, as well as take screenshots (full screen, active window).

All in all, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer proves to be a reliable graphic editor that comes bundled with a decent pack of features, and is suitable especially for advanced users.

Photo editor Design website Edit photo Editor Design Optimize Clone

Program Information
 Developer: Xara Group Ltd.
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 14th, 2019 TRIAL
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XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode

Powerful and easy-to-configure program that helps you convert audio and video files while offering support for different output profiles and advanced parameters

XMedia Recode is a software application designed to help you convert audio and video files, targeting both beginners and experienced users with an innovative approach.

The utility works with most formats out there and it also has an option to convert DVD and Blu-Ray discs into any format you like. But probably the ace up its sleeve is actually the way it manages to address novice user and more experienced ones at the same time.

Different output profiles to work with
First of all, those uninitiated have the option to choose one of the many built-in profiles for a one-click conversion job. For example, if you wish to convert an AVI video and transfer it on your iPhone, you have the option to pick the iPhone model and let the app do the whole job.

Advanced parameters
At the same time, power users can step into the more advanced side and modify bitrate, keyframe interval, framerate, rate control mode and many other settings regarding both the video and audio chapters, using the other configuration tabs.

The conversion process goes very smoothly and the user also has the option to keep an eye on the running process by opening the 'Jobs' tab. The preferences dialog is minimal and is less likely to help you unless there's a problem with the tool, as all the important settings are actually stored in the main window.

A top media encoder on the market

As a conclusion, if you are looking for an app that's able to work with virtually all audio and video formats out there, XMedia Recode should be one of your top choices.

Video Converter Audio Converter Multimedia Encoder Encoder Encode Converter Convert

Program Information
 Developer: Sebastian Dorfler
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 14th, 2019 FREEWARE
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XL-Tools 3.7.2

XL-Tools 3.7.2

Take care of lists by performing various operations like sorting, counting, detecting duplicates, but also to convert characters, time, and more

There’s a high chance you use the computer daily for important activities, including handling large patches of data or lists. It’s pretty difficult to look for duplicates in a list, sort it, or convert to a different encoding. On the bright side of things, XL-Tools contains an abundance of functions for processing lists, and more.

Add input from file or clipboard
First thing you might want to know is that the application doesn’t necessarily have to be installed on your computer. This means you can just have it deployed on a USB flash drive in case you need to use it on other computers as well. Moreover, it’s best to run it with an active Internet connection at least the first time, so it can properly download its source databases.

Although the application comes with a surprising variety of functions and tools, it manages to keep everything organized in a single window. Several tabs hold major categories, like lists, sorting, conversion, time, and utils, while the rest of the window morphs according to the function selection, enabling panels, options, and other dependencies.

Input can either come from a file or from the clipboard. Depending on the function, you might need two files, which is the case with duplicate detection in two different lists. Result can either be left inside the output window, or you can choose to have it saved to file.

Process lists, time, network variables, and convert characters
You mostly get to work with content grabbed from TXT files. The lists tab holds functions to view unique strings, only duplicates, count items or characters, convert column to row and vice versa, save as regex, split or merge, transliterate, reverse, character case conversion, and more.

Down in the sorting tab you find options for alphabetical order, numerical order, string length, IPv4 address, date and time, or randomize. Conversion is possible between HEX, ASCII, Base10, Base32, as well as URI and HTML decoding and encoding. Needless to say that time allows you to convert and calculate various values.

Last but not least, the utils section is fitted with a more specialized set of functions. These can be used for NSLookup, CIDR to IP Range and vice versa, IP to Arpa and vice versa, resolve MAC, IPv4 GeoIP, ISP, and user-agent, address to GPS coordinates, and custom functions which can be created from DB files.

In conclusion
All things considered, we can state that XL-Tools is pretty difficult to place inside a specific category. It comes in handy for regular office work of list processing, but also acts as an advanced domain and network analysis tool.

What's new in XL-Tools 3.7.2:
New: [Datetime database] New pattern %P (am/pm lowercase) in Database when creating a new Datetime object.
Fixed: [Datetime database] Regex was not including upper cases when creating a new Datetime object with %p pattern (AM/PM uppercase).
Fixed: [Utils] When "IP Range to CIDR" was resolving to more than one range, the function was returning the number of range instead of the ranges.

Sort list Convert character Time calculus List Convert Sort Calculate

Program Information
 Developer: Alain Rioux
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 14th, 2019 GPLV3
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Density Converter 0.9.2

Density Converter 0.9.2

Convert multiple images to formats and density versions specific to Android, iOS, Windows and CSS, with this Java-based, cross-platform utility

App developers need to generate different versions of the same image when creating software for various platforms, as well pictures with multiple pixel densities for each platform.

Density Converter is an open-source application that can make this job a lot easier, as it is capable of converting large batches of images to the required formats. Featuring an intuitive GUI, this Java-based tool can also be used from the Command Line.

Quickly create images for Android, iOS, Windows and CSS
This is a great tool for developers who are building applications for several platforms, as you can convert all the original images to the necessary formats with very little effort. Just add the source folder, select the target platforms and launch the process.

Assuming the images you have at your disposal are in the highest resolution needed for the platform, you can select the Source Scale Factor mode and have the app generate the other versions automatically. Alternatively, you can set the width and height in DP manually.

Powerful utility that offers a comprehensive array of features
If you want to have more control over the operation, you can switch to the Advanced mode and customize many other parameters. You can select the output format, image quality and rounding mode, as well as the maximum number of parallel threads.

Additionally, you can enable anti-aliasing, perform a test run, clean the target directory before conversion, skip upscaling and customize other Android- and iOS-specific settings.

Density Converter offers support for a number of popular image formats, as it can process PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, PSD, TIFF and BMP files.

Supports additional post-processors and can also be run from the Command Console
The application allows you to use several third-party tools to further enhance the resulting files, namely pngcrush, cwebp and mozJpeg. These must be present in the same folder as Density Converter; otherwise, the options will be disabled in the UI.

Advanced users also have the option of using the program from the Command Line, and the full list of supported arguments is available on the product’s homepage.

On the whole, Density Converter is a small but impressive application that can be invaluable for developers, as it greatly simplifies the task of converting images to formats required by various platforms.

What's new in Density Converter 1.0.0 Alpha 6:
Update various dependencies and plugin

Image converter Image resizer Density conversion Density Resize Convert Scale

Program Information
 Developer: Patrick Favre-Bulle
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 14th, 2019
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easyHDR Pro 3.13.0

High Dynamic Range (HDR) image generation and tone mapping software that comes with an intuitive interface so that even novices can use it

easyHDR PRO is a software application that can be used in order to produce High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from a sequence of photos with different exposure settings.

Long-lasting setup and easy-to-use environment
The installation process might last a while, as this product needs to unpack a pretty significant amount of files, while the interface you come across can only be described as modern and well-organized. The main window encompasses a menu bar, a tabbed navigation panel, several buttons, a pane in which to display your on-going project and another one from which you can choose one of the generated presets.

Comprehensive Help documentation is incorporated, so that you can easily work with easyHDR PRO, even if you are not particularly experienced with computers.

File extension you can use
At import, it is possible to use a large number of formats, out of which we mention DNG, RAW, ERF, DCR, SRW, RAF, NEF, CRW, BMP, PNG, TIFF and JPG, while export is only available using a JPG of TIFF file type.

By adding two or several pictures with different exposure levels, you make it possible to set up the program to generate an HDR, with just a click of the button.

Picture editing options at your fingertips
Various presets are going to be listed in a dedicated pane, so that you can easily choose the one that you think is best. Furthermore, it is possible to view a histogram, adjust colors with a tone curve, as well as control the gamma, sharpness, saturation, temperature, tint, hue and compression level.

It is possible to apply certain effects (e.g. Gaussian blur, unsharp mask, median filter etc.), rotate, flip and crop photos, as well as process multiple pictures in the same time with the help of a batch processing tool.

A final evaluation
To wrap it up, easyHDR PRO is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to creating HDR photos, with a simple-to-handle GUI. The response time is good, it does not require a large amount of system resources in order to work properly and we did not detect any kind of errors or hangs.

What's new in easyHDR Pro 3.13.0:
New features:
New clone/healing tool - allows removing dust particles, or removing unwanted objects from the photo during tone mapping,
It is now possible to load HDR sequence photos that slightly differ in size (the allowance has to be defined first in the Program Options),
Possibility to hide all warning message dialogs - warning and error messages are shown in the status bar

High Dynamic Range Noise remover Image editor HDR Blur Sharpen Converter
Program Information
 Developer: Bartlomiej Okonek
Price and Added Date
Updated: April 14th, 2019 DEMO
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ezAccounting Software 2.5.5

A simple to use, yet advanced accounting application that enables you to manage the financial aspects of your sales business, with little effort

ezAccounting Software is a comprehensive software that can manage several aspects of your commercial business. You can rely on the software to store an extensive database of customers, products, vendors, employees, as well as transactions. The software offers preset forms for recording and storing many types of transactions.

Department division and financial management
With ezAccounting Software the financial aspects of your business can easily be monitored and updated in the shortest time. The software allows you to view and handle several departments in separate tabs, such as Sale/Customer, Purchases/Vendor/Pay/Bill, Payroll/Employee, Banking/Checks, Report and Import/Export.

Each tab allows you to add, modify or remove entries. For instance, the main transaction management center, in the Sales/Customer tab allows you to keep record of sales, due payments, invoices, cases when refunding or credit is necessary. You may also easily access the list of customers or products and append them at any time. Invoices are easy to create: simply enter the name of the customer, the product details and select whether you wish to print or save it to PDF.

Vendor and employee center
The list of vendors, associates, suppliers requires to be up to date at any time, in each commercial business. ezAccounting Software allows you to not only view the list, but also quickly add or edit vendors. Moreover, you can record bills and mark them as paid or unpaid. The Employee tab deals with staff matters, from their regular payroll, to tax, deduction or wage setup. Additionally, you can print out paychecks.

The software can also keep records of account statements, bank reconciliations and transfers from/to a multitude of accounts. The accounts list can easily be edited in order to fit the requirements of your own business.

User-friendly, accounting assistant
ezAccounting Software is complex but simple to use and features a friendly interface that enables you to work with separate windows and easily access important functions or databases. It is a reliable virtual assistant for your accounting department that enables you to manage several aspects of your business.'''

Filed under
Business Management Generate Invoice Purchase List Finance Customer Transaction Purchase

Program Information
 Developer: Halfpricesoft
Added Date
Updated: April 12th, 2019
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A download accelerator that supports all the main P2P clients (e.g. Limewire, Shareaza, Bearshare, Vuze) for helping you boost your speed

Downloading music, videos, games, or other media files using P2P clients may prove to be a daunting task especially when the downloading speed is quite low.

SpeedLord is a lightweight software application built specifically for helping users improve the downloading speed for most of the major BitTorrent clients, such as Limewire, Shareaza, Bearshare, Vuze, eMule, Bittorrent, BitComet, uTorrent, and Frostwire.

It boasts a clean and plain layout pointing out to the fact that the accent doesn’t fall upon the looks of the program but rather on its functionality.

Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool, as it automatically detects the P2P clients that are currently running on your computer.

The program is able to maximize the downloading speed and provides statistics about the entire process in a graph.

What’s more, SpeedLord gives you the possibility to start or stop the acceleration process and select the network adapter. Additionally, you can make the program run at Windows startup.

Since it doesn’t comprise any configuration settings, even rookies can master the entire process with just a few clicks.

During our testing we have noticed that SpeedLord carries out a task very quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so it doesn’t burden the overall performance of the computer, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.

To sum things up, SpeedLord offers a simple yet powerful software solution when it comes to helping you boost the downloading speed for various P2P clients. It can be easily configured and installed by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Program Information
 Developer: P2PHood
Price and Added Date
Updated: Oct 15th, 2018 FREEWARE
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HDCleaner Portable 2018 (1.207)


Keep your computer working properly by regularly removing junk files, optimizing browser settings, and more using this portable app

Made as a no-setup version of HDCleaner, HDCleaner Portable is a lightweight and surprisingly feature-rich application whose goal is to get your computer working properly using common practices: deleting junk files that take up too much space, optimizing web browser settings, uninstalling unused programs, and so on.

The entire application suite is made out of various smaller tools, as can be seen within the downloaded package. However, everything is wrapped up in an intuitive and good-looking interface that makes it possible to quickly figure out how the app works.

Clean up junk files to improve Windows
The dashboard gives an overview of the total cleaned items, device performance and health details, along with installed security software.

Cleaners are available for the registry (e.g. fonts, firewall, autostart, shared files), web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer history and cookies, Edge download history and saved passwords), system (e.g. advanced Internet history tracks), and plugins (e.g. gaming programs history tracks). After analyzing the hard drive, the tool proceeds with the optimization. Before doing so, you can select the types of issues to be solved by HDCleaner Portable.

Optimize the system and enable live tuning
Optimization features can be used to shut down Windows faster, speed up SSDs, personalize the Windows appearance, and reduce the delay time for crashed apps. For instance, the tool can be asked to optimize the icon cache size, restart the shell automatically on crash, and disable low disk space notifications.

Meanwhile, the live tuning option has the responsibility of maximizing performance by automatically applying tweaks. It can monitor autorun entries, along with the system and browsers.

Easily access all tweaking and optimization features
All these functions and many others can be accessed from the last tab of the main app window, where it's possible to find and delete duplicate files, uninstall apps, repair invalid shortcuts, split files, defragment the disk, back up the registry, use a task manager, shred files, and more.

The program worked without error on Windows 10 in our tests and carried out tasks successfully while remaining light on system resources consumption. Although there are many similar system tweakers out there, HDCleaner Portable has numerous features, is packed in an intuitive interface, and it free to use by anyone.

Program Information
 Developer: Kurt Zimmermann
Price and Added Date
Updated: Oct 15th, 2018 FREEWARE
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