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A graphics editing program with a number of advanced features

In order to create elaborate picture manipulations, you need a reliable editing tool. Hornil StylePix is a program that comes with an extensive palate of advanced features. 

The application has an intuitive interface that is filled with dozens of tools that can come in handy throughout the process. 

The graphic editing program has some obvious advantages over other similar apps, such as the low impact on the computer’s resources. This means that it moves fast and doesn’t slow down the entire system. 

As mentioned, Hornil StylePix has several advanced tools placed into an individual bar. For instance, you can make selections with two types of lassos (free and polygonal), as well as with a rectangle or circle. 

The program also has transformation options, which are used to scale, rotate, skew and distort the perspective of any graphic you’re working on. 

Furthermore, there is a variety of drawing tools, such as Brush, Eraser, Spray, Clone-brush, Line, Rectangle and Circle. Flood and gradient fill are also supported, along with twenty different types of blending modes, like Darken, Multiply, Linear Burn, Color Burn, Lighten, Screen, Dodge, Overlay, Soft Light and Exclusion, just to name a few. 

An extensive list of filters is also available; it includes items such as Color adjustment, Sharpen and Blur, Mosaic, Noise, Style, Rendering and Distort. 
The app comes with layer support, which means you can edit each item individually, with more ease. 

All images can be saved to several file formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, TGA and TSP, a type native to the app. 

The bottom line is that Hornil StylePix is a nice program that can come in handy whenever you want to edit pictures. Despite the fact that the intuitive interface is very helpful when you want to learn the ins and outs of this editing tool, it wasn’t designed with inexperienced users in mind. 

Similar features can be found in apps such as Photoshop. However, unlike the aforementioned program, Hornil StylePix is free of cost, which means that you should at least give it a try. 

Hornil StylePix is a graphics editing program with a number of advanced features. Stylepix is an acronym for "Style Pictures". This means your pictures with nice style.

StylePix has an intuitive user interface. It is designed to control the selected functions easily and conveniently. Even if you have no experience, you can easily learn how to edit images and retouch your photos.

As a result, StylePix's intuitive UI reduces your time to work. To speed-up editing, StylePix is light and powerful. We are always striving to improve the performance of the application.

Hornil StylePix runs on fewer resources environment such as Net-books and laptop computer or virtual machines(vmware, virtual box, virtual pc and etc.) with full image handling features. 

To put it briefly, this application also comes with low CPU usage and low memory.

Here are some key features of "Hornil StylePix":

Convenient working environment:
· png, jpg, bmp, tif, gif, tga file formats are supported
· Multiple files can be opened simultaneously
· Multi-level undo-redo support, and action list display
· Zoom in/out and the full-screen view and guides, rulers, grid support
· Thumbnail, histogram and waveform view for current editing image
· StylePix own file format(.tsp) support

A variety selection tools:
· Auto-range, color-range, and rectangular, circular, polygonal, lasso area selection, and transformation options

Variety of drawing tools:
· Brush, eraser, spray, clone-brush, lines, rectangles, circles - Multi-line text editing
· Flood fill and gradient fill support
· 20 kinds of blending modes
· Color picker with HSV color model
· Batch processing(rename, resize, rotate, and apply filters for multiple files)
· Correction-restore and enhancement tools support 30 kinds of practical image filter support
· Color adjustment, Sharpen and blur, Mosaic, Noise, Style, Rendering, Morphological, Distort filters, Convolve, Photo Enhancement
· Multi-layer and group support
· Blending modes support


· 133MHz or faster processor
· 512MB RAM
· 10MB of available hard-disk space
· 1024x768 Resolution

What's New in This Release:

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the bug that the scroll bar of the hierarchy window did not work properly
  • Fixed bugs that the undocked window did not keep there size
  • Fixed the bug that the custom values of the crop tool was displayed as zero after changed from user
  • Fixed the bug that the Open from clipboard feature did not work with shortcuts
  • Fixed shape tool's problem that the control lines did not invalidate with the Snap to grid and guide functions
  • Fixed the bugs that users could draw shapes on a locked layer

Publisher:Hornil Company
Size/OS::6.7 MB / Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


:Hornil StylePix