MPlayer for Windows 2014-01-13 Build 121

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A useful application which allows you to play your video files

The software market that covers media players grows by the day and while new additions are appreciated, the old alternatives will never run out of fans. Such an application is MPlayer, a media player that makes an impression through its impressive functionality, simplicity and ease of use.

MPlayer comes with support for over 192 video and 85 audio codecs, which is outstanding by all standards. The fact that it can play some of the most popular formats (AVI, MPEG/VOB, ASF/WMA/WMV, RM, QT/MOV/MP4, Ogg/OGM, MKV, VIVO, FLI, NuppelVideo, yuv4mpeg, FILM and RoQ), you can also use it to watch VCD, DVD, SVCD, Blu−ray, 3ivx, DivX 3/4/5, WMV and even H.264 movies, too.

Installing MPlayer is not a tricky business, although some of the steps in the deployment process may seem of a complicated nature. This is due to the fact that the application comes with three different installation modes: minimal, which includes only the MPlayer UI (also known as MPUI), complete (comprises MPUI and SMPlayer, together with all the necessary codecs) and custom (allows you to manually select the components to be installed).

For maximum performance, the installer includes optimized builds for various CPU types; the built-in detection feature will automatically scan and recognize your CPU type, so the effort on your side is minimal. The first eye contact with MPlayer's interface is pleasant, to say the least; although the GUI is simple, the general look and feel rises to one's expectations.

MPlayer was designed with simplicity in mind and the accent is kept on functionality rather than looks. All the functions are displayed in a few menus that include media playing controls (Play / Pause / Forward / Rewind), possibilities to create playlists, to customize the aspect ratio and to deinterlace the video files.

As for the player itself, it worked great during our tests and it really managed to open all formats we had available on our computer. It's not hard on the eyes and it's impressively light on computer resources. In addition, its accessibility and ease of use make it the appropriate choice for all the users in the crowd.

The MPlayer for Windows package contains the most recent builds of MPlayer for the Windows platform as well as SMPlayer and MPUI

MPlayer for Windows is a handy and simple application which enables users to easily preview their video files.

For maximum performance, the installer includes optimized builds for different CPU types. Furthermore the Full-Package includes the Binary Codec Package, while the Light-Package does not.

Package contents: 
· MPlayer for Win32
· SMPlayer front-end by RVM
· MPUI front-end by Martin Fiedler
· Binary Codec Package for MPlayer
· Installer created with NSIS

Note: The great news is that the package now contains the "SMPlayer" front-end. Of course good old MPUI is still included. While the full package contains MPUI and SMPlayer, the light package is limited to MPUI.

Here are some key features of "MPlayer for Windows":

· The award-winning OpenSource Media Player "MPlayer" available for Windows now!
· Self-contained "all-in-one" installer (made with NSIS)
· More than 192 Video- und 85 Audiocodecs supported natively!
· Latest optimized MPlayer builds by Celtic Druid
· Improved version of MPUI front-end (compiled with Delphi7 Professional)
· Binary Codec Package for Windows (included in Full-Package only)
· Full multi-language Unicode support (more than 20 languages to choose)
· Optimized builds for: Athlon-XP, Athlon-64, Core 2, Pentium-4, Pentium-4 Precott, Pemtium-M
· Generic build that runs on all CPUs (Runtime Detection)

What's New in This Release:

  • MPlayer binaries updated to SVN-r36541
  • SMPlayer updated to version v0.8.6 (SVN-r5940)

Size/OS::38.8 MB / Windows All


:MPlayer for Windows 2014-01-13 Build 121