Synei System Utilities 2.25

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This easy to use tool collection is designed to help you clean, speed up, maintain, secure, and repair your system with minimum effort

Synei System Utilities is a comprehensive piece of software that provides you with numerous tools and functions meant to help you clean your computer of unnecessary data like web history, defragment drives and enhance its overall responsiveness and speed.

Intense use of your PC, including installing and uninstalling programs, browsing the Internet extensively, but even regular activities can cause various small yet significant issues that affect your system's stability and speed. 

With Synei System Utilities, you can use one of the numerous tools, for instance 'Clean PC', 'Boost Startup', 'Boost Browser' or 'Secure PC' to take care of your computer so it can run in optimal conditions at all times.

Using the 'Clean PC' function, you can scan your system and discover the amount of wasted space due to web browsers' cookies, downloaded files, history, passwords or other temporary Internet files. Similarly, it retrieves information about common applications as well as your system, displaying the scan results and enabling you to see how much space Synei System Utilities could free up for you. You can then decide whether to delete them by pressing the 'Clean' button.

The 'Boost Startup' utility displays all the programs that run by default every time you start your computer, many of which do it without your knowledge or consent. This can greatly affect the performance of your PC, so Synei System Utilities advises you on which can be disabled or deleted altogether, but leaves the final choice up to you. The 'Boost Browser' component is able to enhance your web browser's general performance through an intelligent allocation of memory during its running. 

In conclusion, Synei System Utilities comprises an important number of useful functions and components, and when used properly, they can help you take charge of your computer and optimize its running, enabling you to minimize the occurrence of system lags or other similar problems.

What's new in Synei System Utilities 2.25:
Include updates for many programs such as PC Cleaner and Startup Manager. The updates includes better performance and bug fixes.
Updated definition of all the programs.
Other Bug fixes + Stability improvements

Size/OS::7.2 MB  / Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


:Synei System Utilities 2.25