FreeNet 0.7.5 Build 1459

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Share, Chat, Browse. Anonymously. On the Free Network.

FreeNet is a peer-to-peer platform that comes packed with a complete suite of features for helping users share, download, browse, and chat on forums. Since this is a Java-based application, you should make sure you have previously installed the environment on your computer. 

Compared to other similar utilities, FreeNet offers a secured working environment and strong anonymity protection, where users can share data on the Internet without having to fear that they can be tracked by other dedicated tools. The information is encrypted and can be sent only to the selected FreeNet users. 

As soon as you run the program, you are required to choose between three security modes. The first one offers the lowest security protection and gives you the possibility to connect to any FreeNet users, while the second allows you to connect only to some users. 

The last mode lets you configure the dedicated parameters according to your privacy needs. Plus, you need to pick a size for the directory where the application stores useful data, and select the bandwidth limits.

FreeNet provides two different modes of operation, namely a “darknet” mode, which enables users to connect only to friends, and an “opennet” one for communicating with any other FreeNet users. 

When it comes to browsing options, you can navigate anonymously on “freesites” (the sensitive data is not stored by web browsers and is retained within Freenet database), as well as use separate applications or plugins that are loaded into the software. This way, you can chat on forums, link to Freenet websites, write emails, publish websites, and create bookmarks with the selected pages.

Unlike other P2P networks, the application stores data that is transmitted between notes, and after a user uploads a file to the platform, the information remains stored in the nodes even if publisher goes offline. 

You can view a list with FreeNet users, statistics about your current activity, peer information (e.g. the number of friends connected, busy contacts), and details about bandwidth. FreeNet works with two different keys, namely CHK (Content Hash Key) and SSK (Signed Subspace Key) and lets users convert file keys to CHK with the possibility to change the filename. 

Additional settings allow you to defragment the database, specify the upload and download bandwidth limit, and pick a nickname. 

All in all, FreeNet provides a secured way of uploading and downloading files on the Internet. The platform comes packed with many useful features and configurable settings, all of them designed to make sure the transferred data remains private and anonymous. 

Freenet is a software which lets you anonymously share files, browse and publish "freesites" (web sites accessible only through Freenet) and chat on forums, without fear of censorship.

This application is decentralised so as to make it less vulnerable to attacks, and when used in "darknet" mode, which means that users only connect to their pre-defined friends, it can be very difficult to detect.

Communications by Freenet nodes are encrypted and are routed through other nodes to make it extremely difficult to determine who is requesting the information and what its content is.

Users contribute to the network by giving bandwidth and a portion of their hard drive (called the "data store") for storing files. Files are automatically kept or deleted depending on how popular they are, with the least popular being discarded to make way for newer or more popular content.

Files are encrypted, so generally the user cannot easily discover what is in his datastore, and hopefully can't be held accountable for it. Chat forums, websites, and search functionality, are all built on top of this distributed data store.


· Java Runtime 1.4 or higher
· At least 128MB of RAM, so unless the system does nothing else it will struggle in less than 512MB.
· At least 650 MB of free disk space

What's New in This Release:  

  • Fix seed nodes logging a negotiation error with negtype 10. It's not
  • clear whether clients are able to consistently connect with negtype 10.
  • Link to SSKs of release notes instead of USKs to give specific version.
  • Fix configuration page partially allowing unsupported large bandwidth
  • limits. (1 GBps or higher) This is because the bandwidth rate limiting
  • currently requires a positive integer of nanoseconds per byte
  • transferred. [1]
  • Translation updates from Transifex.
  • The update shell script can be run from outside the installation
  • directory.

Publisher:Freenet Project Inc.
Size/OS::15.1 MB / Windows All


:FreeNet 0.7.5 Build 1459