DiskAid 6.6.0

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A user-friendly application that enables users to connect to their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices via USB as external storage

DiskAid is a software solution designed to give you a bit more control over your iPhone or iPod, letting you access these particular gadgets just like an external storage device.

With iTunes mandatory in order to allow DiskAid work without a flaw, the application thus provides you a pretty user friendly environment to transfer files to and from your iPhone or iPod.

Just like it usually happens with these Apple devices, it's enough to successfully connect them to your computer and once a connection is established, you should be able to access their content.

DiskAid has a multi-panel interface through which it displays the content of the device, be it camera roll, media, photos, notes, contacts, voice memos or apps.

Of course, drag and drop is supported by default, so it's enough to drag a certain file into another folder on your computer to copy the data in no time.

In just a few words, the program provides five major features, as it follows: copy to PC, copy folder to device, copy files to device, create folder and delete from device.

Beside the enhanced transfer feature, DiskAid also allows you to export all messages, memos and virtually all kind of data stored on the iPhone. Plus, you can access iOS file system and browse the protected folder with ease.

DiskAid needs just a reasonable amount of computer resources to serve its purpose and works just fine on any Windows version out there.

Simply put, DiskAid is one handy piece of software for every iPhone or iPod owner out there. And since it turns these highly-popular devices into external USB storage devices, it creates a new use for gadgets that sold millions of units all over the world.

DiskAid offers USB access the iPhone, so you can easily copy Text Messages (SMS), documents, videos or any type of file you need.

DiskAid is compatible with PC Windows & Mac OS X. See What DiskAid Can Do for You I Want Disk Use on the iPhone (iPhone USB Drive) There is no such thing as the "Disk Use" on the iPhone, and I cannot use my iPhone as an external storage like I used to on my iPod Classic to copy files from a computer to another.

Thanks to DiskAid desktop application, I can transfer files using the USB cable. Access Data on the iPhone I have many text messages (SMS) and my "Camera roll" is full on my iPhone I would like to transfer all of these simply and rapidly on my computer.

I learned that DiskAid is easy and lets me browse and copy all iPhone/iPod touch files quickly. Apps File Sharing Support It is annoying to launch iTunes in order to transfer documents to apps or retrieve files stored in these apps document's folders. DiskAid automatically displays every app's icon and lets me easily access them and rapidly transfer data, back and forth!

Using DiskAid, you will be able to easily transfer data between your device and your PC via USB.
Here are some key features of "DiskAid":
  • DiskAid Transfers Files to Apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:
  • Browsing apps contents and transferring files on an iOS device has never been easier with DiskAid. It automatically discovers all File sharing capable apps and allows to copy files, folders or even complete file trees to any app on the device.
  • Enjoy fast and dependable file copy to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via USB connection.
  • Copy Music & Videos from your Device and Transfer it back into iTunes:
  • DiskAid 5 includes an intuitive music & videos transfer wizard for your media copy from any iPod, iPhone and iPad to your computer.
  • Transfer music, movies, podcasts (audio & video), iTunes U, audiobooks, any playlist or any specific selection or mix of all these. The copy will include iTunes meta data: ratings, play counts, and more.
  • DiskAid will rebuild your iTunes library from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Export all iPhone Messages, Memos and Data to your Computer Desktop:
  • No hacks, no hassle: just the click of a mouse button and your iPhone’s SMS messages will be copied to your computer. DiskAid likewise exports your call history log, voicemail, voice memo, notes and your whole contacts list. Just drag and drop items from the DiskAid window to your desktop!
  • Copy your Camera Roll to your Computer & Transfer Photo Albums with PicsAid:
  • DiskAid accesses the contents of your iPhone or iPad Camera roll and lets your copy all stills and videos shot with the device. Your photo albums that had been synced using iTunes and all the images they hold can alternatively be copied with the additional free application PicsAid!
  • Access iOS File System and Browse iPhone iPad or iPod touch’s Contents with DiskAid:
  • Accessing iOS file system is the free core feature of DiskAid: no license or registration is necessary to enjoy file transfer to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Use your iPhone as an external USB Key for extra convenient storage.
  • Access the iPhone Operating System, files and folders. DiskAid provides a reliable, fast and secure alternative to SSH without jailbreak, thirds party installers or any other hack.
  • More Features than You Know under the Hood:
  • Among the set of advanced features is the option to prevent automated (and lengthy) backup when syncing iOS devices to iTunes. DiskAid can also automatically create a backup of the device when connected.
  • See what’s more and get total control of your device with DiskAid, check the Advanced preferences.
  • All iPhones and iPods Touch supported
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • iPhones and iPods connected to your PC
  • iTunes 10.x
  • 14 days trial period
What's New in This Release: 
  • DiskAid 6.6 is the first iPhone file transfer software to allow device cloning and manage backups with the following features:
  • Clone a device to one or multiple devices in a single operation
  • Restore a device backup with all or a selection of data sets
  • Manage and change backup password
  • Change the default backup location in DiskAid Preferences
  • Plus DiskAid 6.6 brings back contacts management for iCloud users:
  • Manually add or remove contacts on the iPhone via USB, no cloud syncing required!
  • And other enhancements:
  • Added a progress bar during loading of datasets
  • Way better operation progress reporting
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fix freeze at startup when Windows language is set to Turkish (Thanks to Atif :)
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

License:Trial / $29.90 USD
Size/OS::12.8 MB / Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


:DiskAid 6.6.0


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