AllPlayer 5.8

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An ALL Media Player with intelligent Subtitles

All-round multimedia players are not a rare sight these days. The things that make the difference are usually small innovations specific for each software of this kind.

Among the applications that are designed to handle video, graphic and audio files in almost any format, ALLPlayer brings to the table something special and judging by the feature list, it deserves at least a closer look.

ALLPlayer comes with an 'IQ Text' function that immediately attracts attention because it is supposed to do a very useful thing, namely keep longer subtitles on the screen for a few more seconds so you can read every single word.

During our tests it worked as advertised so we can confirm that this is indeed a great feature. It works based on a simple principle: it analyzes the length of each line and keeps them on screen a bit longer if necessary.

The list of supported formats is impressive and it ranges from the most familiar media types to less common ones like 3G2 (commonly used in modern mobile phones, supported by a few players), AMV (video file format developed for portable players) or DIB (video format in which videos can be played on a Creative Zen V MP3 player and V Plus).

All things considered, ALLPlayer is an application that offers top quality and a solid feature package which, coupled with a great ease of use, can make it one of the recommended choices for all users. 

AllPlayer is a very rudimentary approach to media playback, sporting the most basic controls that such an application needs to call itself a player.

Most modern player sport a rich feature set that attracts the audience, competing for the attention of users by arranging for a comfortable, yet professional media playback environment. We’re going to be straightforward from the beginning and tell you that’s not the case of AllPlayer.

This is one of the most simplistic players we’ve ever seen throughout our experience, consisting of a very poor array of features that even beginners will be disappointed in.

The design of the main window is plain, hosting just a few buttons that allow you to control the playback process, but with very little functionality compared to what such an application should offer.

You’ve got controls for play, pause, resume, stop, as well as a seeker that allows you to move freely between the video frames and an option to adjust the volume.

There are no menus, therefore adding a media file into the main window is made possible via a button (drag and drop is not supported). The dialog that allows you to select the video or audio file doesn’t make it clear what types of files are supported by the player, so you’ll just have to guess.

The developer specifies that media support includes formats such as AVI, DAT, MP4, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV, OGG and MP3, as well as DVD and VCD content. This is partly true, since we were not able to play DVD discs.

Another discomfort comes from the fact that each time you press the ‘Pause’ button, a window with ads opens, diverting you from the actual application. 

All things considered, we think AllPlayer doesn't meet the requirements of today’s audience, turning the media experience into an irritating and inconvenient process.

AllPlayer was designed as a basic multimedia player with support for formats such as AVI, DAT, MP4,Mkv, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, DivX, MP3, and OGG.

It comes with a seeker, a media center-focused design and packs plenty of codecs under the hood to play just about any media format you select at it.
What's New in This Release:  
  • better saving of your customized settings
  • better performance of multi-part video (e.g. episodes)
  • improved LiveUpdate
  • new skins
  • new On-Screen Display
  • FlowList

Size/OS::37.8 MB / Windows All


:AllPlayer 5.8


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