Blue Atom Antivirus 4.1 Build 278 Beta 2

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Protect and remove viruses from your computer

The software market receives constantly security updates and new releases designed to protect our computers against viruses, spyware and other types of malicious threats.

One of the programs that tries to make a claim for glory and join the elite is Blue Atom Antivirus. It was especially designed to be an antivirus that remains very friendly with computer resources, while providing complete protection against all kinds of dangerous files.

Using the application is indeed much easier than it happens with the rest of the tools on the market, and you won't really have any problem when trying to benefit from its features. 

The interface is clean and simple while keeping the user interaction as minimal as possible. There are no complex configurations, engine selections or component tweaking functions.

As expected from any modern software designed to keep malware at bay, Blue Atom Antivirus comes with real-time protection, so it tries to keep you on the safe side all the time, from the moment you open the computer.

The scanning process, however, can take a while and could stress a bit your system resources. This depends a lot on the hard-disk size and the number of files to be scanned, but Blue Atom Antivirus needed some time to complete the scan on a clean machine during our tests.

All in all, Blue Atom Antivirus is a pretty basic security solution that offers decent protection and can recognize and block some malware. However, it's best to keep this one as a second antivirus and add another layer of protection using a firewall for best results. 

The Blue Atom Antivirus application was developed to be a simple antivirus that can be used to detect and repair your computer from viruses.

Blue Atom Antivirus Quadro has an open-database, so people can create their own database with ease (not only database, you can create themes too).

If in old version Blue Atom Antivirus had just a single peak process, now it uses new technology (Multi-threading), so its more efficient in the scanning mode.
Here are some key features of "Blue Atom Antivirus":
  • Multi Threading system
  • Open Database
  • Easy to customize
  • Light size
  • Clean interface
  • Harddisk - 100 mb
  • RAM - 128mb
What's New in This Release:
  • Core: Repair speed in some scanner.
  • Core: Repair multiple database.
  • GUI: Repair in link system.
  • GUI: Remove twitter link.
  • GUI: Repair color bug.
  • GUI: Customize Theme.

Publisher:Alvin Leonardo
Size/OS::27 MB / Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bit


:Blue Atom Antivirus 4.1 Build 278 Beta 2


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