RamDisk Plus 11.8.1298.0

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A comprehensive and versatile application that helps you to create multiple RAM disks and save temporary files on them, so you won't affect your PC performance

RamDisk Plus is a practical and reliable software solution worth having around when you need to add, modify or remove RAM disks from your computer.

The main purpose of these RAM disks (or RAM drives) is to temporarily store data and cache files/folders, so computer performance is not affected. 

Since the application supports a large number of RAM disks, each one can be built on specific NUMA nodes. NUMA, also known as non-uniform memory access, is a computer memory that lets the processor access its local memory faster than the non-local memory.

Depending on the system, you can create RAM disks of various sizes. Simply access the proper button from the toolbar and add new ones. You are required to specify the RAM disk’s size, assign a letter, change the format to NTFS or FAT, set up a new volume label and mount a new RAM disk automatically.

Security features are also available in RamDisk Plus. When you create a new RAM device, the second step of the wizard allows you to check a box, entitled ‘Zero memory when removed or restored’. This ensures that the entire content of the disk is wiped when it is removed from the system.

Additionally, you can backup your RAM disks, restore the files and folders from these drives or preserve the RAM disk’s associated image file. These options are available from the right-click menu.

The ‘Auto-Wipe’ feature (which is available from the File menu) monitors all user logon and logoff events. This is useful in secured environments where more than one user can use the PC, but never more than one concurrently.

In closing, RamDisk Plus is a handy and straightforward application that comes in handy for users who need to create multiple RAM disks with personalized labels and predefined sizes.

Preserve your data in your RAM memory between system restarts.

RamDisk Plus uses a patent-pending memory management (up to 512 GB) and gate (for blazing speed) technologies to create a virtual disk out of RAM.

The RAM disk appears like a physical hard disk to the operating system and programs. You choose its size (depending on the amount of RAM in your system), drive letter and file system. You can copy, move and delete files on it. Like a physical disk, a RAM disk can also be shared so as to be accessed by other computers on a network.

The most important difference between a RAM disk and a hard disk is access speed. The time taken for a hard disk to move its magnetic heads over the spinning disks (much like the arm moving over old vinyl record player) is typically measured in milliseconds.

Whereas a RAM disk does not have mechanical parts and its access speed is typically measured in nanoseconds (billionths of a second). Access to a RAM disk may be 50 times faster or more than to a hard drive.

RamDisk supports a single RAM disk with no backup capability. RamDisk Plus adds multiple disk support, system page file support, and a versatile disk image backup facility. You can manually save the RAM disk's contents to an image file, or have the contents saved automatically when the computer is shutdown.

During the subsequent system start-up, the disk's image is automatically loaded.

Security: Another reason for using a RAM disk is security or privacy. Once the server is restarted or shutdown, the contents of the RAM disk are lost (when the auto-save feature is disabled). For some services or applications, this is an important attribute that contributes to the protection of sensitive data or information.
Here are some key features of "RamDisk Plus":
  • Disk size from 1 MB to approximately 510 GB*
  • Number of RAM disks supported 99
  • Manage by Graphical User and Command Line interfaces
  • No synchronization issues with auto-start services
  • RAM disk(s) available very early in system startup
  • Compressed image file for faster image loading
  • Reserve image file space required for a "full" RAM disk option
  • Save RAM disk image automatically at system shutdown option
  • Dynamic backup and restore of RamDisks
  • Load a RAM disk from an image file
  • Move an existing RAM disk's image file from one volume to another
  • Change an existing RAM disk's drive letter
  • System page file support
  • Dynamic backup and restore of RamDisks
  • Support for Partitionable Ramdisks
  • Support for Virtual and Removable RamDisks
  • Memory above 4 GB RamDisk Support
  • 1 GHz processor or higher
  • All Intel and AMD Pentium-class platforms
  • All Intel 64-bit processor families (except Itanium)
  • All AMD 64-bit processor families
  • 16 MB free disk space for installation
  • 15-day trial
  • Nag screen
What's New in This Release: 
  • Added support for Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2.

Publisher:Raxco Software
License:Trial / $95.19 USD
Size/OS::10.4 MB / Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit


:RamDisk Plus 11.8.1298.0


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