ProtectX Office

A simple, effective and reliable application worth having when you need to secure your files and encrypt them with a personal key

Working in an important organization with a large number of employees is quite a challenge these days. Not only because of the social events during your work there meant to help you blend in into the team, but also because of the different jobs that each one of them has.

Securing your data and encrypting important files and documents so no one can actually access them, except you, is mandatory when working with critical data.

Still, there are plenty ways that can be used to steal your data. Protecting your computer with a strong password is but a little way from securing your documents using additional apps. 

This way, unauthorized users can gain access to your computer and files, so you might need to think twice when it comes to leaving your PC unobserved.

By using ProtectX Office, you have the possibility to secure your data and protect personal information. The main reason that you should consider when using ProtectX Office is that it provides you with the possibility of installing it on additional hard drives, leaving your system clean.

The application enables you to quickly encrypt and decrypt files using a personal key, secures deleted files and stores personal data such as links, notes or images.

Because it comes with Passfinder included, you can even create and generate strong encrypted passwords, recover your own forgotten password from a MD5 key, as well as to calculate the estimated time to crack a given password.

Considering all of the above, the feature that makes ProtectX Office to stand out is the created key, which is used to access your important files and decrypt documents. Imagining the scenario in which another person is using the same application, your files are still protected because of the encrypted password needed each time you want to make further modifications to your documents.

ProtectX Office is a handy and practical utility that helps you to take care of your business and personal data.

The application provides you with several tools that help you to keep your data safe and enables you to encrypt important files using a personal key. You may create your personal key to encrypt your files so they can only be decrypted by this individual key.
  • Screen Resolution 800x600 or higher
  • 30 days trial period

Publisher:B. Vormbaum EDV
License:Trial / $36.90 USD
Size/OS::2.6 MB / Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit


:ProtectX Office


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