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An advanced and reliable application whose main purpose is to provide with the ability to perform photo montage operations with ease

PhotoBlend 3D is a comprehensive yet user-friendly software solution designed specifically for photo montages, for merging elements from several different pictures into a single image, using a large range of tools and functions to produce quality results.

The program is very easy to install, requiring little experience in working with computers. You can then launch PhotoBlend 3D from the created desktop shortcut and begin working with your images, requiring several sources. However, the utility does require that you play around with it for a while, before you can learn how to use it to the fullest of its abilities.

The interface of PhotoBlend 3D is fairly simple to understand, as it features a left-hand panel with the 'Composition' tools and a right-hand panel with the 'Source Images'. The 'Toolbar' comprises several functions which can be accessed with a simple click, like '3D Export', 'Add source' or 'Zoom'.

For generating professional-looking results, PhotoBlend 3D makes use of 'Tolerant Masks' to extract objects from a source image, resorting to soft rather than sharp edges by means of a user-definable brush. 

The blending operations will remove any additional elements from the original picture, so they will not show up in your composition. Additionally, the 'Auto-Fitting Colors' function can automatically insert the new element into the background, making it appear less foreign and not seem as if it were just pasted on.

You can 'Adjust Colors', namely 'Hue', 'Saturation', 'Brightness', 'Contrast' and 'Levels', as well as 'Flip Horizontal' or 'Flip Vertical', 'Bring To Front' or 'Send To Back' a certain element. You can also configure the 'Dynamic Blend Depth' for optimal results. 

To conclude, PhotoBlend 3D is an intuitive and efficient application which can help you deliver professional visual compositions and photo montages, with minimal effort, allowing you to generate original images from multiple sources.

PhotoBlend 3D is a handy and reliable application that will enable users to combine areas of various photos and generate a mashup.

You can export the final composition not only as a normal 2D photo but you can very easy make a 3D stereogram as well.

PhotoBlend 3D differs from any other editor out there.

The classic way of doing a photo composition:
If I want to create a quick photo composition or mash-up in a professional standard photo editor (lets not name any names here so I will just abbreviate that as PS) then in a nutshell I need to isolate an object from one photo with selection tools or layer masks and then paste it over another photo.

Everybody who did that at least once knows why it takes a lot of time: The selection or mask has to be precise or else it looks like scrapbook page cut by scissors. And correctly masking semi-transparencies and hair is a discussion for a whole book.

Once that is done there is the other thing called "colors". If those two photos are unrelated, created in different times of a day, at different places and with different lights, perhaps even by different cameras, we have a problem. It takes a lot of patience to adjust the colors so they fit to the image and the foreign objects don't look like a bad copy-paste job in some newspapers (for younger users, newspaper is like an iPad but printed on a paper).

Needles to say that adjusting colors in a layer is usually a flat process that doesn't care much about the background. If the new background has a red light in one side we would need to adjust the left colors of the object differently than the right so the object gets some ambient light from the scene. At the end, doing all this will make sure that the image only looks good if nothing ever moves.

Moving an object from one side to another will surely require tracing back all the steps and redoing them. And at the end of the day if your boss pops in and say, "Well, it looks good, but I would just put different background" you know the night just got very long.

Photo Blend Way:
Photo Blend tries to address all of those things outlined above.

Tolerant Masks
in Photo Blend we still isolate object from the background with a mask, but this is more of a "Soft" mask. It is not important for the mask to be edge precise. In many cases just painting a simple mask with a brush suffices. The blending process will take care of the rest. There are many tools to help you create masks in Photo Blend from simple brush to selection by hue or magic wand. The mask is also tied to the object all the way during the whole process and you can jump in and out of mask editing as much as you wish. The tools logic encourage you to make the mask by refinement steps, without need to get it right all at once. It is better to make some raw mask at first then refine it

Auto-Fitting Colors
Photo Blend will automatically color-fit the object to the new background (it is called backdrop in the software). But not only that. The object will also get Ambient light from the scene. This is actually a pretty big deal and it allows the object visually snap to the background as if it is a part of the scene, most of the time.
Here are some key features of "PhotoBlend 3D":
  • Designed for a purpose:
  • PhotoBlend 3D was designed from the ground up to be a photo composition software. All the tools are made specifically to help with the task.
  • Forgiving Mask:
  • Virtually half of the software is dedicated to masking, but even though we have all the classic masking tools like Magic wand, Mask from Curve or Mask from Hue, simply painting the mask with a brush close to the edge of object is usually the best start. Photo Blend is very forgiving. It is actually possible to fully transfer for one photo to another even the finest strands of hair as demonstrated in this example.
  • Auto-Color Fit:
  • No need to color correct the images so they have same colors. Photo Blend will automatically do that for you. And it is fully dynamic, as you move the object around the ambient light of the scene is recalculated for best color fit.
  • Fully Non-destructive:
  • Everything in Photo Blend can be adjusted at any time and then changed back at any other time.
  • Logical UI:
  • Designing Photo Blend from scratch has the benefit of not following classic photo editor paradigms but to best fit the interface for the task. There is no need to hunt in menus, all the most used tools are right on the interface divided into two logical parts - the Composition Mode and the masking Source Mode.
  • Extra tools for added fun:
  • Making composition should be fun and we added tools like Liquify to change the expression on ones face or to create a whole caricature of a person.
  • Working on Draft, exporting in Full:
  • To speed things up, the designing process is all done on a easy to work with Draft images. When it is time to export Photo Blend will repeat all the steps on a full size images to create the best looking output.
  • Live Tools:
  • Using Magic Wand or Mask From Hue creates live mask where you can visually set the tolerance of the tool after it is used. You can use Push/Pull tool to move and shape the mask as if it was a clay.
  • Shadow Objects:
  • Creating believable composition without making correct object shadows is just half of the job. From Simple shadows that can be added by moving a slider to a complex object shadows that can be shaped with regards to perspective, Photo Blend has it all.
  • Stage Lights:
  • A complete virtual lighting system to add lights to your composition and change the feel of it.
  • Color Adjustments:
  • Each object has set of non-destructive color adjustments as well.
  • 1 GHz processor or better
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 1 GB of free disk space
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (highly recommended higher resolution)
  • The full exported images will have a visible watermark on them
What's New in This Release:
  • 32 bit version is now as fast as 64 bit version
  • fixed potential crash on start
  • minor optimization
  • Single instance, opening PBL file in explorer opens the project in the currently opened instance
  • Tighter integration with Dynamic Auto Painter ver. 4

License:Demo / $45.00 USD
Size/OS::12.2 MB / Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


:PhotoBlend 3D 2.3


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