Pointstone Internet Accelerator 2.02

Accelerates any Windows internet connection in seconds by optimizing the settings of the network and reducing page loads for browsing

Pointstone Internet Accelerator promises to boost the performance of your Internet connection, tweaking and optimizing it in order to reach the highest speed it is capable of.

It manages to do so by identifying the parameters that are holding it back from achieving a decent speed, as well as by reducing page load times when surfing the Internet.

Pointstone Internet Accelerator was tailored to meet the interests of beginners and professionals alike, boasting both out-of-the-box configurations, as well as more advanced settings for users with knowledge of networking.

Equipped with an automatic connection detector, the application identifies the sort of network configuration you’re using and allows you start a one-click optimization operation.

The repair process includes a quick analysis of the current network settings, followed by an attempt to tweak the detected configuration in order to output a better speed. It also optimizes the connection for Internet delays, setting it to avoid slow sessions caused by nonstandard Internet hosts.

More complex scenarios are made available via the advanced settings section, where you can enable the detection of Black Hole items, MTU discovery and support for Selective ACK. 

You can also customize the TCP Receive Window Size to a custom value for enhancing TCP transactions, as well as to change the number of allowed simultaneous HTTP connections, which improves the overall browsing speed.

Any optimization process requires a restart in order to complete and for the changes to take effect, while restoring the connection to its initial state is also possible.

Overall, Pointstone Internet Accelerator seems to be worth a shot especially that is sports so many advanced settings which could eventually pay off if tweaked right.

Internet Accelerator is an application that will improve various configuration settings which are affecting your network and Internet connection speed.

When Windows is installed, these settings are in most cases not optimized for the Internet or for your particular network connection and actually prevent you from reaching maximum download and upload speeds.

Previously, there was no simple way to edit these settings manually without dangerously exploring and modifying the Windows registry by hand, however Internet Accelerator now makes it easy for anyone to reach maximum performance with a few clicks.
  • Internet Connection
What's New in This Release:  
  • Added support for Windows Vista.
  • Improved the optimizations for several operation systems.
  • The selected Network Adapter is saved and loaded at program startup.

Publisher:Pointstone Software
Size/OS::1.5 MB / Windows XP / Vista / 7


:Pointstone Internet Accelerator 2.02


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