Bvckup 2 Release 68


A simple and elegant backup software solution that enables you to keep the copies in sync with the original files without the need to perform the backup again

Bvckup enables you to create backups of your sensitive files and protect them from wrongful deletion or corruption.

Exceptionally streamlined user interface designed around the simplicity of the day to day use. It provides clear status indication, concise error reporting and one-click access to detailed status information.

Program supports real-time, periodic or manual backups, complete or delta file copying, precise file replication (attributes, timestamps, NTFS security and ownership information). Additionally, it can operate in a NAS-friendly mode that eliminates unnecessary spin-ups of idle hard disks.
Here are some key features of "Bvckup":
  • Real-time backups:
  • Continuously monitor for changes and back them up as soon as they happen.
  • Scheduled and manual
  • Run backups at fixed time intervals or only when started manually.
  • Performance:
  • Asynchronous I/O
  • Eliminate idling during data transfers by having multiple read and write requests running in parallel.
  • Delta copying:
  • Reduce the amount of data being moved around by copying modified parts of files only. This speeds things up, in many cases dramatically.
  • Multi-core processing:
  • Speed things up by running computationally intensive tasks such as data hashing on all CPU cores, but scale back when computer is under load.
Limitations in the trial version:
  • 14 days trial period
What's New in This Release: 
  • Changes:
  • Re-added support for 64-bit versions of XP and Windows 2003. This involved rebuilding the program with earlier version of the Microsoft toolset and forfeiting some of the newer features. However latter worked out to be not a big deal as the only useful new feature was static analysis tool and it can still be used by temporarily switching between the toolsets
  • Fixes:
  • Resolved a couple of issues with editing Periodic backup settings. In particular, changes to the backup interval were not observed until the next run or until backup was disabled and re-enabled. This is fixed now
  • dded an isolation wrapper around Windows' native "Select Folder" dialog as this beaut apparently can crash on a whim on some setups

Program Information
 Developer: Pipemetrics SA 
Price and Added Date
Trial / $19.95 USD .23-05-2014
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