Imagina 1.9.5257.29968


User-friendly image viewing and editing tool with an extensive list of standard and advanced options, featuring effects, adjustments and batch operations

Based around 3D technology, Imagina offers the finest viewing experience for your PC. The utility provides users with multiple editting tools meant to enhance their digital pictures.

Featuring a satisfying and intuitive user interface, the application gives you the ability to fix your pictures in all the most common ways you would want, as easily as possible, without ever having to leave the software.
Here are some key features of "Imagina":
  • Slick Viewing:
  • Whether in 2D or 3D, your pictures appear with the grace and fluidity that only hardware rendering can achieve, adding real finesse to your pictures.
  • Ultra Zoom:
  • Zoom in to and out of your images effortlessly with your mouse wheel combined with accelerated hardware rendering for silky smooth pixel filtering.
  • Smooth Rotation:
  • Change the orientation of your images smoothly with hardware rendering, and accurately straighten them with high quality multi-tap sampling.
  • Slide Show:
  • Show off your images with several different kinds of supremely smooth slide show, both in 2D and 3D, along with manual keyboard control.
  • Accurate Colour Editing:
  • Employ advanced algorithms that separate brightness from hue and saturation in order to edit each attribute precisely and in mathematical isolation.
  • Raw Power:
  • Load your camera's raw images and tune their conversion with our excellent RAW processing module; based on the popular DCRAW software tool.
  • Brightness / Contrast:
  • Flexible options for adjusting the exposure, brightness, contrast and even the gamma of your pictures, all on one simple-to-use screen.
  • Curve Transformations:
  • Transform different attributes of your images precisely with curves from a stock of known algorithmic shapes along with hand-tunable control points.
  • Tagging:
  • Perform batch operations on your images by simply tagging them as you're viewing, then performing a normal operation upon the tagged images.
  • Smart Noise Reduction:
  • Reduce the noise in your images with our intelligent algorithms without destroying their fine structures or losing important textural detail.
  • High Dynamic Range:
  • Load your high-dynamic-range images and carefully control their exposure with our intelligent algorithms - no permanent changes are made.
  • Resizing:
  • Features precise resizing with an intelligent resampling algorithm producing results superior to both bilinear and bicubic filtering when shrinking images.
  • Movies:
  • Play your movie files as easily as viewing your pictures; move, rotate and scale them just as you would any image using our smooth user interface.
  • Rendering Control:
  • Take full control over the subtleties of image rendering by setting the hardware rendering states such as linear filtering and mipmap level bias.
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
  • NET Framework 4.0 or later
What's New in This Release: 
  • New FFMPEG-powered movie playback system.
  • New XAudio2-powered audio processing system for playing movies.
  • Movie playback controls for forward, rewind, pause and play.
  • Movie playback now remembers last-viewed position when reloading a movie.
  • Video / audio offset to counter Bluetooth delay when playing movies.
  • Video frame interpolation for smooth animation when playing movies.
  • Monitor never sleeps when playing movie.
  • 3GB compilation switch reducing memory allocation failures and enhancing stability.
  • Full-screen mode for both movie playback and image viewing.
  • Latest libraw support for raw images.
  • Latest jhead library for JPG file header manipulation.
  • Thumbnails are generated even when the UI is continuously busy.
  • Fixed bug with colour management profile loading.

Program Information
 Developer: Rob Baker
Price and Added Date
Freeware .25-05-2014
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