PixME 2.3


A lightweight pixel art drawing application that allows you to create low resolution images using a wide array of colors and brushes

PixME is a simplistic drawing application that bundles a basic set of tools for pixel art creation. With a bit of ingenuity and the collection of drawing instruments, you can design simple to complex projects for games or other purposes.

The interface of PixME is mostly occupied by the drawing board, allowing you to set its dimensions (width and height) right from the start. Moreover, you can customize the background color as you wish.

The main window comprises options for quickly and conveniently changing the colors and the used instrument, while also displaying the coordinates of the mouse cursor on the whiteboard.

Right-clicking on a tile has a similar effect to that of a color picker, resulting in the selection of the color of that particular pixel. Alternatively, you can use the dedicated option in the 'Edit' menu to obtain the same result.

The application comes with two available drawing tools, namely a brush and an eraser to clear the sections you want empty. If you made a mistake, don't worry, since you can use the 'Undo' function to fix it.

Projects can be saved locally for later editing or exported to PNG or JPG format and then shared with your friends or published online.
While molding your project pixel by pixel and manually crafting shading or dithering might seem time-consuming, there are a lot of users out there that still practice and enjoy this art form.

Built in Java, PixME aims to introduce you to the world of pixel design, widely used in the past decade in games and mobile phones. It provides a user-friendly environment for you to work in and challenges your creativity to generate inspiring and impressive designs.

PixME enables you to create simple artwork using a customizable board and a grid system.

You can customize the dimensions of the drawing board and choose the colors of the brush. Unleash your creativity with PixME!
  • Java

Program Information
 Developer: xXKonaXx
Price and Added Date
Freeware .23-05-2014
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