Easily view RAW pictures and information pertaining to them, convert them to a TIFF format and take a snapshot of the program’s window

RawDigger is a useful application designed to provide you with a simple tool for viewing and analyzing RAW image files.

The application supports multiple file formats and camera types. You can use it to view the original pixel values, generate and export data histograms or calculate statistics per channel.
  • 1GB memory
  • CPU supporting SSE2 or higher (Intel Pentium 4 or newer)
  • Screen resolution should be 1024x768 or more
Limitations in the trial version:
  • 30 days trial
  • Nag screen
What's New in This Release: 
  • Added indicators for Statistics box headers:
  • M] in Image Statistics box - Masked Pixels is ON
  • F] in Selection/Sample box - Discard abnormal pixel values mode is ON (pixels with outlying values are filtered off)
  • If a damaged RAW file is detected, the warning is issued and an attempt to open the file is still performed (previously such a file was just skipped with a warning)
  • New keyboard shortcuts added (you can use both old and new ones):
  • Ctrl-1 (Mac: Cmd-1) - 100% zoom
  • Ctrl-0 (Cmd-0) - Fit to window
  • Exiftool updated to 9.61
  • New setting (Windows only): Misc Options - Faster Program close, to allow the program to quit faster.
  • Updates check:
  • the last update check date was recorded only if the update notification was received
  • if "Updates check frequency: On program start" is enabled, the updates are checked no more than once every 6 hours.
  • Libraw updated:
  • new routine for flat field for PhaseOne cameras
  • improved support for Canon 1D-X sRAW files
  • added camera support:
  • Canon A550, G1 X..

Program Information
 Developer: LibRaw LLC
Price and Added Date
Trial / $89.99 USD .24-05-2014
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