Facebook Password Remover 1.0


A simple to use application that enables you to recover all the Facebook passwords and usernames stored on your computer, from several browsers

Facebook Password Remover is a reliable tool designed to detect all the Facebook login credentials stored on your computer, then display them in its interface. Thus, you may easily find if a computer stores your Facebook password and remove it from the logs. It is useful in case you are using a shared computer.

Easily identify and return login credentials for Facebook

Sometimes, a browser can ask you if you wish it to remember your username and password, so next time you log in you do not have to enter them again. If you accept, the browser can store this information in local log files, and access them from that location at the next login. This action can be inconvenient if using a shared computer, since the mentioned records are public.

With Facebook Password Remover, you may easily discover if the browser saved your password and remove it from the logs if you wish. The software can detect all the entries in the browsers’ logs that regard Facebook usernames, then display them on the screen. It can recover all the saved passwords, regardless of which browser stored them.

Supported applications

Facebook Password Remover can easily find the login credentials logs only for the supported browsers. The list includes Firefox, Google Chrome, CoolNove, Opera, Comodo Dragon, SeaMonkey, SRWare Iron or Flock browsers. Internet Explorer is also supported, but not all all versions are compatible and the application may encounter errors when handling that browser.

Once recovered, all the passwords can be deleted, one by one or as a batch. Moreover, the software generates a HTML report, containing all the usernames and passwords entries. You may view it or save it to your computer, as password backup.

Reliable password recoverer and remover

Using Facebook Password Remover, you can make sure that your Facebook account password is not stored on a public or shared computer. It allows you to view your Facebook login credentials, erase the entry from the logs or create a backup file as a HTML report. The application is lightweight, but reliable and it can delete the specified entry instantly.

Facebook Password Remover is the free all-in-one tool to quickly remove the stored Facebook Login passwords from your system.

This helps you to delete any accidentally (or otherwise) stored Facebook password on any public/shared computers so that your Facebook account remains safe.

Program Information
 Developer: SecurityXploded Inc
Price and Added Date
Freeware .05-08-2014
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