Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 13.0.0

Teaching Templates

An advanced and efficient software application designed for helping you easily generate creative and complex quizzes in an interactive fashion

Teaching Templates Quiz Maker is a useful and easy to use application designed to allow users create various quizzes.

The MC Quiz Maker program is an easy-to use, time-saving authoring tool for creating interactive, WEB-based exercises, tests and quizzes.

The user's only task is to enter the data necessary for the quiz - questions, answers, etc. - and the program creates the Web pages automatically.

The interactivity relies on client-side JavaScript and Dynamic HTML, both of which work independently of any other server.

No knowledge of any programming language is required to use the authoring tools effectively.

In addition to complete control of the content of the exercises, the Quiz Maker also allows the author considerable influence on the appearance of the exercises.

Changes to the background color, background images and the addition of sound and image files are just three of the options which are available to customize the Web pages.

The quizzes can be uploaded directly to a web server by using the integrated FTP file upload module.

They can also be compiled into EBooks (executable files) or Web Archives (MHT files) for compact and easy distribution.

By using Teaching Templates Quiz Maker, you can quickly create professional-looking, yet interactive quizzes and tests.
Here are some key features of "Teaching Templates Quiz Maker":
Makes HTML files which can be viewed with any up-to-date web browser. The tests, quizzes and exercises you make can be integrated in a web page or run as stand-alone programs at home or in the classroom.
Includes sounds and images to liven up the exercises.
Easy to install and use with no programming knowledge necessary.
Fully customisable user interface.
Multilanguage capability for the creation of localized quizzes and tests. Currently 6 different languages are included and the program offers comprehensive unicode support.
Automatic FTP upload of your quizzes to a web server.
12 different quiz templates to choose from - including Multiple Choice, Question Time, Gap Text (based on the Cloze test procedure), Energy Saver (fill in the missing letters), In Other Words, What's Your Opinion?, Flashcards, Mastermind and Playtime. The interest and motivation of the quiz taker is guaranteed!
One-click compilation of your HTML quizzes into a small, independently executable file (*.EXE) or into an EBook containing several of your quizzes.
Quiz Template Editor for the inclusion of additional messages to the quiz taker ... your company logo for example or a link to other pages on your web site.
Various security options such as code encryption, password protection and a quiz timer for the many users who are planning to use the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker in the classroom or computer laboratory.
Includes a "Submit Results Option" which makes it possible for the user to send the results of the quizzes to his or her supervisor - by email or via PHP.
Results Viewer Module to help you to keep track of the quiz results you have received.
Includes a free utility program (Web Wrap) for additional coding and compression of your HTML quizzes.
Time-Saving Quiz Database for easy access to all your questions and answers.
Dialog editor - freely edit the content of the dialogs shown during a quiz session.
Fullscreen (kiosk view) window option to improve the appearance of your quizzes in an Internet browser.
AutoUpdater - Automatically retrieve updates to the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker program. All future updates are free of charge.
One-click compilation of your HTML quizzes into a web archive (.mht) file. This is a single, easily distributable file which can be viewed in Internet Explorer and which contains not only your quiz but also all required supplementary details (sounds, images etc.). It avoids any hassle with uploading multiple files and folders to your Internet server.
Includes a flexible Task Manager Template to help with the organization and easy presentation of your quizzes.
Opportunity to submit quiz results securely via a CGI server.
Enhanced multimedia capability. It is now possible to include many types of media files (*.wav, *.mov, *.swf, *.mpg etc.), in your quizzes.
Extensive Quiz Feedback Options for all questions and answers. Quiz Takers have the opportunity to change and/ or correct their choice of answers.
Math and Symbol Editors to facilitate the insertion of formulae and equations in the quizzes.
Option to select a customized background image for the quizzes and to call a special, easy-to-use HTML editor to modify the quiz files.
Easy and time-saving import of questions and answers from external sources and quiz files.
Free access to a MySQL database for the online management of quiz results.
SCORM support for the import of the tests and quizzes you create into Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Blackboard, Clarion etc...
Runs on the Microsoft .Net Platform - State-of-the-art software with assured compatibility to Vista and all upcoming Windows versions.
Opportunity to quickly and easily re-arrange the order of the quiz questions. In the 'What's your opinion?' and also in the 'In other words' templates the number of possible questions has been raised to 50.

Web Browser
JavaScript enabled
NET Framework version 2.0 or better is required
Limitations in the trial version:
Only 18 quizzes are included

What's New in This Release:
Modifications for a more efficient and secure CGI sumbit results procedure.
Better 'save prompts' to prevent data loss when closing the program or start a new quiz.
Improved recognition of questions and answers when importing from a TXT or RTF file.
Changes to the security settings to enable some protection even when cookies cannot be set on the quiz taker's computer.
The store for all projects files used in the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker has been moved to the standard 'My Quizzes' document folder.

Program Information
 Developer: TAC-Software
Price and Added Date
Freeware .25-05-2014
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