Inventory Manager


A straightforward and efficient software application designed to help you quickly setup a database of items, which can be checked in or out by scanning their barcode

Inventory Manager is a simple and straightforward software program designed to help you quickly create an useful database of items.
Intuitive and easy to operate graphic user interface

In order to be a lightweight application, Inventory Manager comes in a basic interface with beautifully colored icons that allow you to easily find and access the features you require.

The main window of the application is constituted of only a few buttons that summarize the entire functionality of Inventory Manager.

Once a specific action has been selected, a new window is opened, allowing you to access the in-depth features for the selected function.
Easily create a database of items

The application allows you to quickly add new items with custom names to your list, as well as to add a description to each item.

For easily finding the database items, they are assigned a number in the list, although a search function would have been a better way to go for when you need to quickly find an item contained in a database.

A selected item from the list can easily be edited, by changing the name or the previous description.

The list of items can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, and it can also be printed, for easily accessing it without technology.
Barcode support for your items

For an even quicker checking in or out process, the application provides you with the tools to identify your items by their barcode numbers

For each item, you can add its respective serial number, model number or even the cash cost, as well as an image and a description.
Reliable and efficient database creator and manager

Although very simple and almost plain, the application comes with quite a few very efficient tools for creating and managing a database of items in an organized fashion, proving that Inventory Manager is indeed an user-friendly and comprehensible storage organizer.

What's new in Inventory Manager
Bug Fix: Fix issues on "Check In Screen" with Item Names now filtering in list.

Program Information
 Developer: Tim Bare
Price and Added Date
Demo .08-02-2015
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