Killtrojan Syslog 1.42


Find all the processes and instances that are currently running on your system, then let the program create a report in plain text or BBcode

Killtrojan Syslog is a simple to use application, designed to find all the processes that are currently running on your system, whether on the desktop or in the background. The program allows you to view a list of the instances and analyze which of them are active due to malware components.
System information reporting software

Killtrojan Syslog can detect all the instances that run on your computer at a given time and lists them in its interface. You may consult this log at any time, in order to detect hidden or third party processes that you are not familiar with.

It is a simple tool that can constitute the first line of security against malware infection, since it allows you to find unwanted processes that run on your system. Aside from running programs, it can also list files being executed at the startup or correspondent registry keys. Additionally, you may enable the program to include information on host files, services and certain settings.
Plain text or BBcode

As you open the program, you may prompt the process log using one of two buttons: Normal Mode or BBcode Mode. The Normal Mode is used to generate the list in plain text, while the BBcode inserts specific syntax, for embedding the list on a blog.

You can easily obtain the support logs in the BBcode syntax, then post it to a website or blog, in order to offer information to other users. The syntax can help colorize various parts of the text, for easy reading.
Malware intrusions detection

Killtrojan Syslog can generate a detailed log of the processes and files that your computer opens. Whether they are prompted by regular system instances or by malware infection, you can detect irregularities, by analyzing a complete report of the running programs. The logs can instantly be saved in text files, however, in order to generate a new log, you need to restart the application.

Program Information
 Developer: Albert Lopez
Price and Added Date
Freeware .09-03-2015
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