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A fast and reliable application that helps you restore accidentally deleted files, such as photos, videos and audio, as well as system files

Whenever you delete a file, you should be sure that you will not use it in the future. Accidentally deleting important files can be real problem in some cases.

FileRecoverPlus has the possibility to solve the problem in such cases; this application was designed to help you restore precious data, whether you accidentally deleted or formatted the drive that contained it.

Adaptive file scanning

This application allows you to scan your computer for various files, such as CAB, ZIP or RAR archives, Office, PDF or text documents, AVI or MPEG videos, audio files and images, whilst creating specific categories for each one.

FileRecoverPlus offers you the possibility to search for deleted folders, including all the files they contain, thus letting you choose which files will be recovered.

Complex data filter

Instead of scanning the whole drive and then searching for a file, FileRecoverPlus gives you the chance to simplify your work; you can filter the search by entering the name of the searched file. The program will only display the files that contain the searched keyword.

Additionally, you can perform searches by entering the approximate file creation or modification date. Besides, if you do not know the file name or creation date, you can always search it by it's size, which doesn't have to be exact.

Completely delete drives

FileRecoverPlus gives you the option to clean the memory of your drives by wiping all data from them, which makes future data recovery attempts almost impossible.

Completely wiping system drives is prohibited because it would cause your computer to malfunction; instead, FileRecoverPlus offers you the possibility to wipe free space from drives containing OS files.


Recovering accidentally deleted data is a serious matter, so when it comes to file restoring or data wiping, FileRecoverPlus could come in as a helping hand.

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Freeware .27-09-2015
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