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Backup all your important data to a secondary location or synchronize the files between different folders, with the help of this handy tool

KLS Backup is a feature-packed software suite that allows you to back up, restore and synchronize data through some powerful utilities.

During the installation procedure, you can integrate extra components for backing up email, applications and settings, the Microsoft SQL Server Database, MySQL Database, POP3/IMAP and disk images.

When initializing the application, it is possible to install an online backup service and log in with the local system or other account.

Creating new profiles for backups, synchronization and cleanups bring forth a multitude of options. KLS Backup can process files and folders via LAN or WebDAV, Windows Registry keys, cloud-based services (e.g. Amazon S3, Windows Azure), audio and video from iTunes, Songbird or Windows Media Player, along with web browser-related data (e.g. Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome), just to name a few.

Furthermore, you can include and exclude specific items, pick the backup type (e.g. full, incremental), compress the backup to a ZIP, 7Z or SQX file to reduce occupied space, record log details and send them automatically via email, as well as set up actions before run, after run or on errors (e.g. run program, wait, stop service), among others. The majority of these options is applicable to all profile types - backup, synchronization and cleanup.

However, if you prefer to deal with even more features, then KLS Backup 2011 Professional might be a better fit for you. In addition to the standard version, it supports profile groups, OpenStack Object Storage backups, secondary backups, speed transfer limitations, FTP files and folders, scheduled jobs and differential backups, among others.

The feature-rich application suite needs a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and contains a help file. We have experienced any problems during our tests, since KLS Backup did not freeze, crash or alert us of any errors. To conclude, KLS Backup Standard provides users with a wide range of options regarding data backup and synchronization.

Program Information
 Developer: KLS Soft
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Freeware .27-09-2015
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