ID Manager

ID Manager

Allows you to organize and secure the credentials of multiple email accounts by adding them to a list and setting an access password

Working with multiple email accounts can sometimes lead to forgetting certain information, such as authentication details or usernames.

While you can write them down on a piece of paper, you can also rely on dedicated software solutions, such as ID Manager, that can help you achieve the same results faster and without wasting paper.
Simple user interface

This application comes with a minimalistic design that allows you to familiarize yourself quickly with it and use it to its full extent with almost no difficulty.

Although there is no traditional configuration menu, it is possible to adjust certain parameters, such as modifying the password needed to access the application or changing default fonts.

Unfortunately, the help menu does not provide you with any actual user guide, therefore novices might have to use it by trial and error.
Basic email account organizer

This program is designed around a simple concept: organizing email account information, such as address, password or extra details and protect them with a password.

You can add a new entry to the list by typing the desired content in the dedicated fields and hitting the plus-shaped button on the right. Alternatively, after filling in the information, you can choose between the “Add New ID” or “Add New ID Without Time” functions under the file menu.
Additional display method

Although you can view your accounts along with any other detail in the dedicated list, it is also possible to select a specific item and click the View button. This displays the item with its corresponding details in a quite more neatly manner.

Removing a certain entry from the list can be achieved by either right-clicking it and selecting the corresponding option, or by relying on the Remove Selected ID function from the File menu.

To sum it up, ID Manager is a lightweight utility that allows you to save your email account details in a list and secure it by specifying a password.

Program Information
 Developer: Masood Afghan
Price and Added Date
Freeware .08-10-2015
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