Cyber Crypto 8.0


Encrypt important files to secure their contents, and decrypt them whenever they are needed, with this simple command-line utility

Nowadays, it seems more difficult than ever before to keep your data safe, especially when so much information is stored online, and files are commonly transferred between users via the Internet.

Cyber Crypto is a straightforward tool that aims to help you in this regard, as it enables you to encrypt any file on your hard drive, as well as decrypt it whenever necessary. However, it can only be used from the command console and cannot process multiple items at once.

Simple command-line tool that is, sadly, not particularly easy to use

Naturally, Cyber Crypto is not a program designed for people who are used to modern, intuitive interfaces. It does not offer an actual GUI, as its two main functions can only be controlled with various console commands.

Whenever you want to encrypt a file, you need to write its full path, which means the program is not particularly useful if you need to secure a lot of items, as the operation can take quite a bit of time.

Unfortunately, the utility is not capable of processing multiple files at once, which would have made it a lot more useful.

Provides very little documentation and few customization options

Files are secured using a simple 8-character password, but no other details are offered about the encryption method. The number of characters is fixed, and you can use letters, digits or any other symbols.

The encrypted files are saved in the original folder, and a suffix is added to their names, so they should be easily recognizable.

Basic file encryptor that has a fairly limited range of uses

All in all, Cyber Crypto is a reliable and portable command-line utility that can help you encrypt various files on your hard drive to prevent others from gaining access to your private data.

However, it is not very easy to use, offers very few customization options, as well as limited documentation, and it does not allow you to process multiple files at once.

Program Information
 Developer: Christos Beretas
Price and Added Date
Freeware .04-04-2017
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