Project Mercury

Project Mercury

Enhance the CPU priority of various programs from your computer by using this lightweight tool that lets you choose from various tweak modules

Owning a low-end computer can be frustrating many times, as running rather demanding programs or executing certain processes might not be possible in this situation.

Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous applications that can help you tweak the capabilities of your computer in various ways. One of these applications is Project Mercury.

No installation required

This application requires no setup, as simply running its executable provides you with instant access over its core functions. It runs exclusively from the system tray and accessing most of its functions or configuration panes can be done by right-clicking its tray icon.

Its interface is minimalistic and features several functions that can be operated without difficulty, thus providing an easy-to-understand environment for a broad range of users.

Boost your CPU usage

Project Mercury enables you to tweak your computer's performance by adjusting your CPU usage depending on the situation and prioritizing certain applications to other ones.

For instance, when executing a new program, this tool automatically sets its priority to a higher-than-average value, so that it can run as smoothly as possible. Alternatively, whenever you minimize a utility, its priority automatically drops below the standard value.

Several enhancement modules

Additionally, this utility provides you with multiple tweaking modules that you can freely choose from, according to your needs. It is possible to choose between Auto, Desktop, Server, Gamer and Multi-tasking modes by opening the CPU Slice mode menu and clicking on your desired item.

In case you want to customize your experience even further, the Settings section allows you to toggle certain functions on or off, such as the multicore stutter or HT conflicts.

Tweak your computer's performance with this lightweight utility

To sum things up, Project Mercury is a lightweight application that can help you enhance the capabilities of your computer by adjusting the CPU usage percentage according to the situation. Its user interface is rather simplistic and the functions it shelters are not complicated, thus providing many users with high accessibility and efficiency alike.

Program Information
 Developer: SvenBent
Price and Added Date
DONATIONWARE. 02-04-2017
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