Hardcopy 2013.02.18

A tool developed for being a monitor file saver

Hardcopy is a useful and reliable application designed to help users to easily print or save any image they want from your computer or the Internet.

Hardcopy is a tool developed for being keystroke/click and the screen/window will be printed out or saved in a file. Hardcopy offers the possibility to you, to print or save the current window or screen, whether you work with SAP R/3 or with any other program
Here are some key features of "Hardcopy":

· For the revision it is necessary that date and user name are also printed out. (You can print also still supplementary SAP information)
· You can store the Hardcopy also directly in a database. This can be also your database of the SAP system
· You can printout in landscape format (also automatic, dependent on the size)
· You can determine the margins
· You can delete automatically the background color with the printout. Example
· You can print out in monochrome
· You can use the standard-printer or any other printer. (For example "normal" prints from WinWord, etc. to the standard printer and prints from SAP R/3 to a network printer). You can make this dependent on the pressed key
· You can use Hardcopy with all Windows systems
· Every screen / every window can be send by E-Mail (Example: Send a error message directly to a helpdesk.)
· An image can be inserted directly to WinWord/Excel
What's New in This Release:

· Settings sets: You can now select the set which the program Hardcopy should be started. This setting can only be changed in Set 1. (under Settings → Options → Setting-Sets)

Publisher:Siegfried Weckmann 
Size/OS::6.1 MB / Windows All
Date:February 19th, 2013


:Hardcopy 2013.02.18