TweakAll 3.0


Straightforward program which enables you to easily configure particular hidden parameters of your Microsoft Windows operating system

TweakAll is intended for experienced users, enabling them to easily tweak their system in order to enhance its overall performance. The application is compatible with older versions of Windows, so it might not work properly on machines running the latest editions.

TweakAll addresses issues that can help you customize the default Windows settings and customize the operating system to fit your particular needs. While it is mainly targeted at advanced users, its friendly and intuitive interface makes it very easy to work with.

It features some general tweaks that you can apply regardless of the operating system your computer is running on, as well as a set of modifications aimed at certain Windows versions.

It can be used to monitor the memory usage and free up memory, so as to make the PC run faster. Another of its advantages is the possibility to delete items included in the 'Send To' menu or add new ones.

Also, it monitors the startup folder for all and the current user, as well as the running applications. You can use it to configure the CD drive autostart settings, eliminate the arrow icon from shrtcuts and safely remove browser helper objects.

Windows 98 users can limit the disk cache of their HDD, files and CD-ROM, as well as customize the way the OS boots. For Windows 2000 and XP, it can optimize network settings or insert the 'Command Prompt Here' option in the context menu.

TweakAll enables you to fully control over your operating system by changing its default settings. You are advised to handle it with care, since usually such applications make important modifications to the system registry.

Program Information
 Developer: Codeforge
Price and Added Date
Freeware .22-05-2014
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