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Browse the Internet with this intuitive and flexible application that allows you to access functions quickly by performing mouse gestures

Statistics show that, when spending time in front of their computers, a significant portion of users' time is spent browsing Internet content. Multiple implications can be drawn from this statement, among which one deals with the programs employed by users to surf websites.
Use the full power of the Chromium open-source browser

Although the browser market is by no means lacking in solutions and powerful players, Cent Browser seeks to provide users with a unique experience. The software is based on Chromium and thus benefits from many features already fine-tuned in the original program. Linking an application to software that is already well recognized as a viable solution for browsing tasks presents both advantages and potential hazards, as the pressure to provide novel functionality is great.

In managing this difficult balance, the application has sought to build upon all the features that make Chromium great and add its own special functions. As expected, and as is the case with other programs that build upon the open-source project, the interface is very intuitive and flexible.
Browse the Internet in a safe environment with the Incognito Tab option

The accessible GUI is a great feature, as users who are accustomed to either Chrome or Chromium will find the software very easy to adjust to. Functionality-wise, the program brings several functions to distinguish it from similar products, such as the “Incognito Tab” option and the “QR code generator”. The first allows users to browse the Internet without any information being written on the disk. The latter function allows one to generate QR codes from URLs, for easy access with mobile devices.

There are many other functions developed to improve users' experience, such as multiple mouse gestures, a scrollable and customizable tab bar, as well as a “BossKey” feature to hide the browser.
Customize tabs and hide them completely with built-in functions

All in all, Cent Browser is a new spin on a time-proven browser model, which can be valuable for anyone who enjoys surfing the Internet in a stable and protected environment.

Program Information
 Developer: Cent Studio
Price and Added Date
Freeware .27-09-2015
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