VPN Unlimited


Using this intuitive and reliable application, you can connect to a Virtual Private Network and protect your Internet traffic from unwanted monitoring

VPN Unlimited is a lightweight and efficient piece of software meant to assist you in protecting the personal information you may be dispersing when browsing the Internet, by tunneling and encrypting your traffic through several world-wide servers.
Create an account or login

During the installation process, you are required to create an account (with your email address and a preferred password) or login using your credentials, if you already have one.

You can then select the server you wish to start with from the provided list, allowing you to choose from several available options, such as ‘Netherlands, Amsterdam’, ‘United Kingdom, Hampshire’, ‘France, Paris’ or any other ‘Optimal Server For You’.

After finishing the setup, you can click 'Start' and VPN Unlimited will begin tunneling your web activity through the selected server, optionally being able to run at Windows startup, for an increased level of protection.
Choose your VPN server

The main window of the program displays your current status and the email address you used in creating your account, allowing you to ‘Logout’ with a single click, or change your password. The ‘Account Management’ feature enables you to have the application request your password every time you launch it, for added security.

At the same time, VPN Unlimited lists the currently ‘Active Server’, and lets you choose another one, if you need to, with the ‘Select Server’ option. The ‘Show Statistic’ button helps you list for how long you have used the tool, the exact days and the amount of traffic.

When closed, VPN Unlimited retreats to the system tray, continuing to perform its task, yet not interfering with your regular activities. By right-clicking on its icon, you can disconnect from the server or change it.
Handy web tunneling service

All in all, VPN Unlimited is an intuitive and useful utility whose main purpose is to help you protect your online privacy by conducting all Internet activities through a Virtual Private Network, additionally enabling you to bypass certain IP-related restrictions.

Program Information
 Developer: Simplex Solutions Inc
Price and Added Date
Freeware .27-09-2015
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